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Switched Data Network Reporting

Manage Telstra BDSL Broadband, Frame Relay or ATM services

Switched Data Network Reporting (SDNR) is an online service that is available to all Frame Relay and ATM customers. It provides comprehensive performance reports on your Frame Relay, ATM and BDSL networks, for a nominated period.

You can also use Next Generation Data Reporting to access interactive performance reports for specified times and dates on your applicable services.

Switched Data Network Reporting Access

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SDNR offers you:

  • Flexible reporting - choose from a range of daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Performance visibility - monitor the performance of your network.
  • Availability - access the reports you need.

SDNR services include:

  • Customer Configuration Reporting
    A snapshot of all services on your network.
  • Summary and Detailed Reporting
    Run monthly overview reports or detailed reports to see hourly Private Virtual Circuit (PVC) usage data.
  • Graphical Reporting
    View graphical reports on PVC and access link usage.
  • Exception Reporting
    Focus on the services needing your attention.
  • Availability Reporting
    Check the details of downtime on any PVC.
  • Round Trip Delay Reporting
    View delay times for standard ping tests between Telstra nodes.
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