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Mobile Data Usage Meter

Manage mobile data usage & wireless broadband devices

The Mobile Data Usage Meter lets you see an estimate of data usage and charges for all the mobile services in your account*- including modems, PDAs, wireless gateways or mobile phones. It helps you have greater control over data consumption, because don’t have to wait for your bill to discover and manage any excess usage.

Please Note: Mobile Data Usage is not currently available on Shared Data Plans. Customers on Mobile PLUS & Business Smartphone plans will only be able to see estimates of their most recent data usage session and will not be able to access cumulative usage estimates or receive automatic notifications.

Mobile Data Usage Meter Access

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The Meter means you can:

  • Preview your estimated data usage charges. Get a snapshot of account usage and more detailed service level usage estimates, all before you get your bill.
  • Stay Informed. Monitor data usage estimates for the mobile services on your account, and receive proactive alerts as usage approaches the included allowance for each month.
  • Manage your data usage costs. Identify which users are reaching or exceeding their included data usage, and take action to control excess usage charges on your bill.

To find out more on what you can do with the Mobile Data Usage Meter,
click here to view the tutorial.

The service provides:

  • Individual or group views of data usage on all your mobile services.
  • SMS usage notifications when users’ estimated data consumption passes 80% and 100% of their monthly allowance.* (These notifications can be ‘turned off’ if you prefer.)
  • Optional email summary reports – a daily email summary of services that have exceeded 80% or 100% of their included data usage for the month.*
  • Detailed usage data downloads. Search sort and download usage data in CSV format, so that you can upload it into a spreadsheet and create your own usage reports.

Things you need to know

* SMS notifications are typically current as at 6 hours ago, email notifications are typically current as at 36 hours ago. Notifications will not show usage and charge for current sessions and should be used as a guide only. Mobile Data Usage only shows estimated charges. Charges shown do not include charges for current sessions or discounts that may only be applied to your account when your bill is issued. In addition, My Data Usage does not show charges for Telstra Wireless Hotspot services , WiFi data usage using PC Packs, or International Roaming usage. Please check your bill for a full list of actual charges.

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