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Managed WAN Services

Report and view network incidents

Our online Managed WAN services provide valuable convenience and oversight when you have a Telstra Managed WAN product.

Online Reporting Access

Based on Computer Associates’ eHealth platform, Managed WAN Online Reporting lets you monitor your network, system and service performance. Data is gathered on all monitored devices that are connected to the network, then analysed by eHealth to create your reports.

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Online Reporting offers you:

  • Tailored reporting, with a range of daily, weekly and monthly report options.
  • Increased visibility, so you can easily monitor your network’s performance.
  • Availability, with online access to reports 24/7.

Use Online reporting for:

  • Health reporting - quantify the health of your connected devices, so can work proactively to keep them within a defined range of operation.
  • At-a-Glance reporting - chart key statistics in a single-page report, for a comprehensive view of availability and performance of network elements.
  • Trend reporting - analyse the performance of an element or group of elements, based on specified variables.
  • Top N reporting - create tabular reports that rank the network elements which meet your defined reporting criteria.
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Online Alarm View (OLAV) Access

Managed WAN Online Alarm View lets you view any network incidents in near real-time.

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OLAV offers you:

  • Increased visibility- monitor the performance of your network.
  • Easy availability- online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Browser compatibility- view details from any supported web browser.

With OLAV:

  • Alarms are updated and refreshed every 30 seconds.
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