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IP Self Serve

View, configure, manage and report on your IP networks

The IP (Internet Protocol) Self Serve Portal allows you to make configuration changes to your IP network, view your network topology, request and receive reporting related to your IP network’s performance.

IP Self Service Access

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The list of self-service applications included in this portal are:
  • IP Gateway
    Allows you to configure your IPSN firewalls in real-time.
  • IP Users and Groups
    Provides real-time administration of your end-users in support of a range of VPN services requiring end-user authentication.
  • IP Visualisation
    Provides a graphical representation of your network and also allows you to check network status in real time.
  • Telstra IP Telephony Adds, Moves and Changes
    Allows you to request minor adds, moves and changes to your Telstra IP telephony service that cannot be performed by the Customer Administrator.
  • Reporting:
    1. Core Network and Firewall Reporting - providing core VPN (Virtual Private Network) and VAS (Value Added Service) reporting.
    2. Customer Network Reporting - providing end to end reporting on the network.
    3. VAS and Internet Usage - providing reports on internet usage, virus scanning and content filtering.
    4. IP Remote Usage - providing reports on revenue and call charge information.
    5. Telstra IP Telephony - providing reports on call records and service performance.
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